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I help women become the best version of themselves through adopting a healthy lifestyle via exercise and nutrition

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The custom nutrition plans will be tailored to your goals and preferences, with structured and simple cooking instructions and estimated preparation time which will help you achieve your goals sustainably. Whether you have any food intolerances, or simply prefer certain meals over others, I will adjust your plans to your desire.


The workout plan will be adjusted to your needs, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert in training. You decide whether you want to train in the gym, at home or outside. I will adjust the trainings according to your available equipment and make sure the workout plan fits you, and that you are making progress each week. I will also check in with you on your exercise techniques via videos, and guide you in the right direction.

personal tracker

Your personal tracker helps you set your own goals and track not only your physical but also mental progress. Besides tracking your weight and body metrics, you will be able to track your hours of sleep and water intake. I will also ask you for feedback on the overall plan, so we can work towards your satisfaction.


Support & motivation: just a message away!
I will be available to answer any questions you may have along the journey. I am here to support you on every step of the process, as it is important to me that you feel comfortable with the plan and that our relationship is open and honest. 

I have helped a number of womeN



I am a Qualified Personal Trainer who became inspired by health and fitness as a result of a turbulent time in my life. Fitness became my therapy and was the best form of stress relief. I chose to build myself up through health and fitness and used this to create a better life for myself. Through this journey, I birthed my online platform and have now helped over 1000’s of women become the best version of themselves and reach their body goals.